LxVEFEST: United We Stand

January 20, 2017

What better way to bring in your February than with a celebration of LxVE?

I’m excited to announce that my closest friends and I (The LxVE Collective) will be hosting our next big event, LxVEFEST! If you’ve had the pleasure of attending one of our Art Exhibits, then you already know the kind of atmosphere we’ve become known for creating. Where this event differs, however, is that if the Art Exhibit promotes┬ávisual artistry, then LxVEFEST is a celebration of audible artistry.

I encourage anyone who is a fan of music, art, and culture to come out to this year’s LxVEFEST. See you there!

To purchase tickets: CLICK HERE.

LxVE Fest is a multi-sensory, multi-genre music event celebrating the artistic subculture of music and art blossoming out of Atlanta and the southeast region. The event serves as a destination point for many people looking to rendezvous with eclectic individuals who support overall positivity.

At LxVE Fest, guests can expect to hear great music from young ATL heros Translee, Willie Hyn, AxJ and MORE SPECIAL GUESTS! And enjoy creative artwork while immersed in an interactive environment. Regardless of your tastes, you will appreciate the spirit of unity and creativity that floods the venue on this special evening.