LxVE Matters Art Exhibit

August 23, 2016

Another one.

We’ve all been affected by news of our country’s recent tragedies. For a long while, all of my social media timelines were filled with devastating news of killing after unarmed killing. My friends and I (The LxVE Collective), specifically, even drifted for a few days deeply saddened and unsure of what we could do to effect change. We wanted to do something tangible with our unique skill sets and talents. After days of contemplation, we found inspiration for the theme of our next art exhibit:

LxVE Matters.

If you find yourself in Atlanta, Ga on this Saturday, August 27, 2016, come out to the second installment of the iLxVEart Exhibit: #LxVEMatters. This is a great environment to network with Atlanta creative tastemakers, enjoy live music, and experience some of the DOPEST art in the city! To purchase tickets, click here.

#LxVEMatters Art Exhibit

Atlanta, GA: The LxVE Collective, an Atlanta-based group of content creators, will be hosting the latest installation of their iLxVEArt series on Saturday, August 27th from 8-11pm at the Arts Exchange (750 Kalb St. Atlanta, GA 30312). After feeling deeply moved by news of the increase in violence and hate sweeping the globe, the group agreed upon the #LxveMatters theme to emphasize the importance of bridging the gap between all the “#livesmatters” movements and to promote peace.

Of the team’s efforts to spread positivity, Jonathan Tease, one of the event’s organizers said, “This is more than just an art exhibit. It’s a meeting of the minds for individuals looking for ways to invoke change. Our goal is to show everyone that ‘LxVE’ is the answer to the root cause of many of the terrible tragedies we’ve recently experienced. We also want to empower our attendees to take action in their communities and to be the change they are so desperately seeking.”

The focus of the event is to create an atmosphere supporting self love, healing, unity, and appreciation for all marginalized groups through art. Music will be provided by DJ NicktheQuick and will highlight pieces from the following artists: