3 Act Story Structure

November 28, 2016

Before approaching any filmmaking endeavor, you must internalize one rule: Story is King. If you look back on the movies you didn’t care for, chances are the reason can be traced back to flaws in the story’s structure. Story structure exists as a guideline to 1) encourage screenwriters to keep their story moving forward, and 2) keep audiences engaged with a general idea of what’s to come.
3 Act story structure is most popular for film. So whether you are a screenwriter, director, editor, or producer, gaining a thorough understanding of 3 Act story structure will undoubtedly impact your story for the better.
I recently came across a video on YouTube that effectively breaks down 3 Act Story Structure into it’s various elements, and explains why each piece is necessary to the overall puzzle that is storytelling. This video is concise, detailed, and I often refer to it more than I’d like to admit.

 For more helpful videos by Darious Britt, check out his YouTube channel: D4Darious.